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The DocShuttle Administrator module is for the manager of the transcription organization. This module is used to set user permissions, monitor status of jobs, run productivity reports, and transfer audio files. It can be used to manage an unlimited number of dictators and transcriptionists. There are many tools to assist in the transcription workflow process. DocShuttle can manage audio files from any source including mobile phone apps, handheld recorders, dictation system and handheld recorders. The status of every job is automatically marked with different colors to make it easy to see where each file is in the transcription process.

The DocShuttle window has two panes. The top pane displays files on the FTP server. The bottom pane displays files on the local computer hard drive. DocShuttle Administrator users can track the status of jobs in real-time, showing the status of each job in the top pane. Files can be uploaded to the FTP server either by dragging files from the bottom pane to the top pane or by clicking the arrows in the button bar at the top of the window. Uploading can also be automated. All files, including both audio and document files, can automatically be securely encrypted with 256 bit encryption.

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